A little lighting...

The 5th Ave Block in St. Cloud had some new lighting revealed tonight at the end of the Earth Day 5k race.

Blocking off the street to traffic, putting out some tables in front of the restaurants, playing music, adding the lights as a “ceiling” and all of a sudden this is a pretty pleasant place to spend a summer evening.

Good job to the folks behind getting this done.


Real Estate

Usually I am asked to film commercial buildings or residential properties, but sometimes the property is an empty lot.

In these cases adding some graphics, either to a photo or motions graphics to a video can really help show off a property better.

Here’s a simple recent example - without the lines it would be very difficult to know where the property was.


Green Energy

Most of my green energy work this far has has been with solar fields - using the IR camera to inspect for faulty panels.

Yesterday though I had the chance to use the IR camera on some wind turbines - documenting baseline temperature levels so that a drone and IR camera in the future could be used in a preventative manner - finding part failures before they happened. Cool stuff.

These are such impressive structures to be near - the whoosh of the blades going by is just mezmerizing. 


MPR News

An interesting story on Minnesota Public Radio News this morning about one of the consequences of the VW recall. Looking forward to working with MPR again soon!