St. Cloud COP house ground breaking

Gray weather didn't stop the enthusiasm around the ground breaking ceremony of the St. Cloud Community Oriented Policing house today on the south side of St. Cloud.

Really impressive turnout of community members supporting this initiative.

As well I had the pleasure of discussing drone photography, aerial video and some of the associated laws with more than a few folks.

Muggle Photography

There are some days when drones just aren't going to fly - sleet and snow don't mix well with electronics and small motors.

On those days I'm often out with my camera and tripod doing ground based work.

This is a photo from one of those days that almost went awry for the tripod - I had accidentally left it down by the river I was using as a background when photographing wolves. Fortunately it didn't smell of venison or fish and so the wolf let it rest.

A fun email from the Google

I received a fun email from Google today stating that the images I had submitted had been viewed over 1,000,000 times.  


The images I've put on Google are aerial photographs primarily taken in St. Cloud, MN and help promote the area in a wide variety of ways. 

As well as photos I've done a fair bit of aerial video for the City - again offering a great way to showcase the town.